Mrs. Bento's very short stories 20140511

Mrs. Bento's cat Cigar was sick. He had kidney stones - a painful urinary tract infection that caused frequent, uncontrollable small volume of urination. Mrs. Bento already noticed something gone wrong with Cigar but when she finally realized this problem, it was quite late at night. She encouraged Cigar sat on her lap and tried to ease his pain. The vet's door won't open until tomorrow at nine, and an emergency call to the animal hospital deemed to be too expensive. Slowly patting her 17 pounds feline she felt Cigar was able to sleep a little deeper, and as he got more relaxed he dreamed and peed on her lap. A week after visiting the vet Cigar got better. The veterinarian insisted to change his diet to a brand called urinary SO. Now Mrs. Bento always thought she gave Cigar the best cat food - a grainless diet she saw online recommended by many cat specialists. Well, she thought, it is as confusing as human food. Food scientists often have contradicting findings, like the controversy over milk and coffee. I might as well feed Cigar a bite from the salmon steak I bought from the supermarket today.