Mrs. Bento's very short stories 20140422

As Mrs. Bento hurried out from No Frills to the mall every clothing store she passed by stood a discount hand board that ranged from 30% to 50% off. It is now deem "normal" for new merchandise to go on sale before the next season starts: cardigans, sandals, shorts, shirts and flip-flops. It felt like Summer already even though she just had her clock advanced by one hour last weekend. With all the discount hands smiling and waving at her Mrs. Bento was so tempted to visit one or two or all of the stores. Then a chill came over her as she recalled the temperature outside was still -2, and with her layers of clothes it would be too clumsy to try anything on. Her mind was in battle, it is such a right thing - a Canadian thing to buy things only when they are on sale. Her attention was diverted when she passed by Hallmark. It is one of the places she would shop for cards that bear a cat theme or cat illustration. It is for her daughter Soya. Every birthday, Soya will receive a cat-themed card, and Mrs. Bento likes to surprise her with unusual finds, like Salma Hayek likes to surprise her fans every time she appears publicly by wearing something drastically different.