Mrs. Bento's very short stories 20141017

"They say food in Japan have mutated. Look at this one, a fish with beak of a bird!" exclaimed Stubby Bento. It was breakfast time and both Mr. and Mrs. Bento were having their standard coffee and toast. Mrs. Bento leaned over to Stubby, her husband's iPhone and found a frog with one leg, a strawberry, after repeating itself four times morphed into a red primrose; a big tomato, with clusters of different size-and-colour tomatoes shooting up from its belly, looking somewhat like the vegetable man painted by Arcimboldo. What strange, beautiful and dangerous offsprings from the recent nuclear disaster! With this thought Mrs. Bento instantly had a flashback of huge square water melons. The image came from a picture taken in a Japanese laboratory years ago. Fast backward she also recalled a photograph created by a friend in the nineties "Tomapple" - an enormous GM apple/tomato in front of the bluest sky she'd ever seen. A few white clouds drifting leisurely by. She glanced back at the I-Phone screen, which now shows a squash that looks like a glove. It was the first time she feels sad about human's loss of say over food engineering. After all, some people firmly believe that human mutants have already been living among us.