Demons at his command

Last Summer, Adam Devenish made two really fascinating dioramas for the Art Brownie show. His inspiration was drawn from The Lesser Key of Solomon, an anonymous 17th century grimoire, and one of the most popular books of demonology. There were seventy-two demons Solomon is said to have evoked and confined using a magical signet ring, which granted him the power to command and speak to both demons and animals. Out of the brownie blocks he produced two great demons: Count Furfur and Duke Dantalion.

Furfur is the winged hart with serpent tail, a powerful Great Earl of Hell, a liar, causes love between a man and a woman, creates storms, tempests, thunder, lightning, and blasts, and teaches on secret and divine things.

Dantalion is a powerful Great Duke of Hell, teaches all arts and sciences, is depicted with the faces of all men and women. There are also many depictions in which he is said to hold a book in one of his hands.

We won't be surprised to learn - all mythologies to the ends of the earth, Gods and demons possess supernatural powers all the same. Here on more solid ground, Furfur and Dantalion were created under Adam's magical hands. Both demons were less than an inch square and plated in gold leaf. You have to look very close and carefully, or even use a magnifying glass to see all the intricate details of each beast. What a fantastic way of storytelling!