(ART BROWNIE Trailer) Door

Last Monday we went to dim sum with Gary and Malgorzata. The conversation took us from food to poetry and Malgozata suddenly remembered the door mentioned in Stephen Owen's book on Chinese poetry. Later that day, with door stuck on his mind, Gary emailed a screen-capture of his poem Door in Summer, which appeared in his book Flying Fish published in 1986. In response to his door I wrote this -


In the beginning
there was no door

So brave so unknown so wondrous
to squeeze out to the other side
like being born

a civilized mouth
creating exterior interior
prison haven asylum

Seedling of imagination
boundaryless placelessness
wild horse running

Every poem is an open door
to the other side of the mouth
a bee whizzes in

Poem by Gary Michael Dault

Art Brownie by Slavica Panic
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