A street photographer who does not show you the street

As an coordinator in the Art Brownie project, I've heard so many behind stories about these mini art blocks. I am going to tell you some of them. I'll start with my old friends A and S way back from the Candy Factory Loft days, when all of us lived inside the factory turned Condo building. They moved to Montreal a few years ago.

A is a photographer and about two years ago she showed us her images taken by an I Phone. They were really good. We encouraged her to do a few art brownies. She made them just in time for the GALAXY show.

Those images are quite eye catching. There is some quality about the form, the light, the colour and the choice of subject matter, which is quite peculiar. the first cube is an image of a circular saw blade at first glance (subjectively), second is bottles, third a red wall small open air garage with one car and the last is a bath tub. I fell in love with the "blade" and included it immediately in my collection.

Later on when A was in Toronto and we had breakfast, she told me that "blade" was actually the rim of a car taken at Mario's, a garage still hanging on at the hot Queen West district. The bottles were shot at Union cafe on Ossington Avenue, and the garage location is actually across from INDEXG, next to Freshco supermarket. The last shot "tub" was found on the old appliances store on Queen street west. Everything was from around the area. She has been photographing this district every time when she comes back. A street photographer who does not show you the street, but things that engraved in her heart and memory. I see more in these four fragmented images now - as a small piece of Queen Street West history. Thank you A.